The Vice-President of the Academy has invited counterparts from the Octopus community to develop and implement the pilot project devoted to Cyber Info-Sharing & Joint Intelligence in Ukraine

Andrii Paziuk represented the Academy at the Octopus Conference on Cybercrime, a special event on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Budapest Convention on cybercrime held from 16 to 18 of November 2021. About 1200 cybercrime experts from some 120 countries – including from the public sector but also international and private sector organizations, civil society organizations, and academia – participated in the conference.

During the lightning talk session, Dr. Paziuk delivered the presentation devoted to Info-Sharing & Joint Intelligence in the context of international cooperation.  Answering the questions, he mentioned that it is vital for effective cooperation in order to identify threats and detect illegal cyber-activity aimed at several countries/alliances, but the current cybercrime legal framework lacks an essential element – engagement of the cybersecurity intelligence community. Info-Sharing & Joint Intelligence Framework is needed both at national and international levels. The Indicators of Compromised, valuable forensic artifacts, should be shared with counterparts for improving efficiency through joint intelligence. Capacity and trust-building efforts will improve cyberpolice information sharing and analyses capacities with the technical expertise of cybersecurity professionals. Technically – it could be done by using joint taxonomy, Traffic Light Protocol, STIX/TAXII protocols for secured exchange of feeds with anonymized data. The framework will reduce uncertainty and contribute to achieving some level of trust. Its implementation will require the consolidation of efforts by public and private sector entities.